Introducing the IGL Pro Stars



Dateline: ​Philadelphia, PA Saturday
January 23rd 2016
Source: ​Philadelphia’s Newest Professional Football Team
Contacts: ​Joe Krause 215-740-4354, 267-261-3428


Following Football History with the announcement of Philadelphia’s Newest Professional Football Team, The Philadelphia Yellow Jackets back in August 2015, JAKIB Media Sports, LLC. Is proud to announce Philadelphia’s First Independent Professional Indoor Football Team – The IGL Pro Stars!

In support of The IGL – Indoor Gridiron League, which has been operating for four seasons and was the first Developmental League in the country to partner with a Professional Franchise (Philadelphia Soul) back in 2012, The IGL PRO STARS, will begin play in 2016 and compete against various football organizations that have availability within their Season Schedule.

Owned by Joe Krause, the Owner of the Philadelphia Yellow Jackets, The IGL PRO STARS will play their Home Games at The Class of 23 Arena prior to the Home Games being played by The Philadelphia Yellow Jackets in the spring of 2016.
“The Team’s Core Mission will be strongly measured by their ability to move players from The IGL – Indoor Gridiron League to Professional Status” stated Joe Krause “while off the field, they will be strongly measured by their ability tosupport our philosophy, Play for Veterans – Play for the Community & Play for Opportunity.”

The IGL PRO STARS will fall under the leadership of head coach Adam Turkel, who currently is the IGL Commissioner of The IGL.

“It’s a great opportunity for myself and IGL Players and Alum. I’ll be watching every IGL film to put together the best team for the Pro Stars. So this opportunity is real for the players” Stated Coach Turkel.

Coach Turkel is currently Commissioner of the Indoor Gridiron League and he will remain in both roles within the organization.


The IGL Pro Stars and draft workout is scheduled for January 30th 2016 at the Pinelnads Sports Center in Vincentown NJ.


Representatives from each of the IGL teams will be on hand to evaluate your skills. Show up to workout, show case your skills, show them they need you on their roster. The Best of the IGL will make the Pro Stars roster. image