Baltimore MD, June 17th, 2015 – The American Indoor Football (AIF) league is proud to announce the addition of the Philadelphia Yellow Jackets for the 2016 season. After a very competitive 2015 season the AIF welcomes the addition of the Philadelphia market.

The Yellow Jackets name originated with The Frankford Yellow Jackets, the very first professional football team in Philadelphia. P-Y-J will play their home games in the Class of 23 Arena.

JAKIB MEDIA SPORTS, LLC has successfully launched and operated the IGL – Indoor Gridiron League for four seasons while also executing the first & second Army Veterans vs. Navy Veterans Arena Football Game in Philadelphia. In addition, JAKIB (Krause) served as VP of Operations for the first-ever Professional Football Game in China. “The Philadelphia Yellow Jackets belong to the Fans of Philadelphia and all Season Ticket Holders will receive Ownership stock in the franchise. We are excited to join the AIF and to be a part of the great football tradition in Philadelphia,” Said Owner Joe Krause, “I’m extremely blessed and now have an opportunity to use professional football as a vehicle to support non-profits, schools, families in need and those who have served, are serving or will serve in our United States Military”

“Joe Krause has done an outstanding job changing the landscape of arena and indoor football beginning with his role as Vice President of Sales with the Philadelphia Soul during the 2008 Championship Season to the launch of Professional Football in China. We are excited to bring them into the AIF family. This is a very solid addition to our regional footprint that will make the AIF one of the premier leagues in the country “Said AIF CEO John Morris. “The Philadelphia area is home to a passionate fan base. We look forward to an intense brand of Indoor Football that will captivate this great city. We are extremely excited to add the quality of ownership and team as the Philadelphia Yellow Jackets.”

Philadelphia is a legendary sports town with a rich history and tradition of professional football dating all the way back to the 1920’s. The residents of Philadelphia are the greatest sports fans in the world, and they will welcome with open arms an American Indoor Football member team with the loyal support that the residents are famous for.